Chas first began painting as a hobby, whilst working full time as an electrician. He painted in different mediums, from watercolours and gouache, before finally settling with bright, bold acrylic and took inspiration from the works of David Hockney and John Piper. Finally, in 1994, he became a full-time artist and began working from home.

Strong primary colours, fluffy white clouds and multi-coloured balloons make the paintings instantly recognisable and fun. Chas used to live on St. Georges Quay in Lancaster, whilst painting one evening, a balloon coming floating down the river. He photographed it and decided to use it in his paintings. Over the years, balloons have become constant in his work and people are often disappointed if they do not appear in his paintings!

He continues to be inspired by people, architecture and the landscapes of Lancaster, Morecambe and the surrounding area. He continues with many commissions, enjoys working on art projects in local schools and loves to see children’s enthusiasm about colour, shape and design.